500 First Deposit Bonuses

If there is one thing you can find at most - if not all - online casinos, it's a welcome bonus. Sure, there could be a tiny few that don't have them, but mostly you'll find a generous welcome of some sort. We're focusing on 500 first deposit bonuses here, so let's crack on and find out what they might offer.

What are 500 first deposit bonuses?

The number is the interesting part here. What does it refer to? Well, it could refer to two things. The first possibility is that we're talking about a percentage - 500% of your deposit given in bonus funds. So, if you deposited $10 to get started with, the casino would give you a further $50 to play with. That's 500% of the amount you put into your account.

The second possibility is that the 500 could refer to an amount of money. So, if you're depositing in US dollars, it means $500. If you're depositing in euros, it means €500. And so on. This would usually be the maximum amount you could get in bonus funds on your first deposit.

Do you need a bonus code to claim your first deposit bonus?

You need to check the information given on the casino website to find out more about this. We've visited some online casinos that don't ask for a bonus coupon. They may instead ask that you follow a specific link or deposit a minimum amount to trigger the first deposit bonus.

In other cases, you may well need a bonus code, so look out for one, read the terms connected to the offer, and go from there.

Which deal is better: $500 or 500%?

Few players will likely deposit enough to be able to claim the full $500 in bonus money if that's the case. However, if you make sure you meet the minimum deposit requirements, you can certainly claim 500% of your deposit, even if you don't deposit anything higher.

So, it may depend on the deposit amount and the casino you are visiting. However, we think a 500 first deposit bonus is always a deal worth exploring in greater detail. This could well be a great initial bonus for you to claim.